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Particulate Monitors and Filter Leak Detectors

Model EM 30LGX

The industry leading Model EM 30LGX particulate monitor and early warning filter leak detector for baghouses, cartridge filters and cyclones. Renowned ease-of-use and reliability. Remote electronics for safe easy access. Full range of process conditions and area classifications.

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Model EM 30T

2-wire loop powered particulate monitor and basic filter leak detector. Standard one-piece configuration and optional split architecture.

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Model EM 70DGX

All of the ease of use and renowned reliability of the Model EM 30LGX plus lower level monitoring capability and true internal automatic zero and span checking for automated compliance with US-EPA MACT and ASTM. Equally suited as a process monitor.

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Model PM 100 (Multichannel Configuration)

Multi-channel particulate monitor for multi compartment fabric filter baghouses. Up to 32 points. MICS™ platform provides modularity with virtually unlimited configuration options, state of the art ease of use and fieldbus networking.

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Model PM 100 (Particulate Analyzer/CEM Configuration)

DynaCharge™ Processor is the industry's most advanced signal processor providing high accuracy and ultra low level monitoring for emissions monitoring. MICS™ platform provides optional internal data logging for PM CEMS compliance reporting. For process control advanced features such as charge analysis open a new range of applications.

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Model EM 30A and EM 10A

Compact 24VDC switches enable detection of filter failures at low cost. Model EM 30A provides heavy duty construction for process industries. Model EM 10A provides light industrial duty for small nuisance dust filters.

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