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Particulate Monitor: PM 100 (Multichannel Configuration)








Featuring FilterSense’s renowned, virtually maintenance-free particulate flow sensing technology and FilterSense's MICS™ platform (Modular Instrumentation and Control System), the PM 100 combines unmatched performance with state-of-the-art instrument modularity and functionality.

With multi compartment baghouse easily assess and compare compartments using the on-screen logarithmic bar graphs or optional remote FilterWare software. For monitoring mass emission trends in the common outlet a DynaCharge™ processor module can be added to provide the industries most advanced particulate monitoring technology with automatic self checks. For pulse jet filters with fixed cleaning patterns leak locating can be added. (For leak locating with varying cleaning times or patterns refer to FilterSense B-PAC™ Controls).

The PM 100 offers a full range of fieldbus communications and a wide range of modular relay and analog I/O.

Principle of Operation

The PM 100 offers several levels of particulate monitoring performance based on charge induction and protected-probetechnologies invented by FilterSense. As particles flow near and around the probe, a minute current is induced. A DSP processes the signal into an absolute output relative to particulate flow. A protective layer over the probe works in combination with induction-sensing to ensure reliable operation with conductive particulate, moist powders, corrosive gases and particulate buildup.

Maintenance is minimal and there is no need for an air purge. For durability, the sensors
are passive and free of electronics. For safe, easy access and to facilitate EPA QA checks, the control unit and electronics
are remote.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible, Modular, Expandable Design
  • Wide Range of I/O and Fieldbuses
  • Ideal for Multi-Compartment Filters
  • Detect Leaks and Monitor Efficiency
  • Plan Maintenance, Maintain Compliance
  • Superior to Traditional Triboelectric


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