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Pressure Transmitters: Model DP 20T and SP 20T







The DP 20T and SP 20T Pressure Transmitters are heavy-duty, low pressure sensors for monitoring and controlling fabric filters, VOC abatement filters, powder processing applications, ventilation systems and any process with high particulate. The ability to transmit accurate measurements below 10” W.C., over a broad temperature range while preventing clogging, make these transmitters ideal replacements for mechanical gauges and electronic sensors that use small tubes that can easily clog.

For differential measurements the flush diaphragm is mounted to the dirty or wet side of a process, such as below the tube sheet on a baghouse chamber or the dirty side of a wet scrubber. The reference port is routed to the clean side of the process. A static version is available for applications where measuring static pressure is required such as monitoring static pressure at a process vent hood for VFD control.

Standard output is a 4-20mA signal for connection to a PLC, DCS or chart recorder. A remote control unit is available for local display, PID loop control, relay alarming and fieldbus communications. The DP 20T can also be wired directly to FilterSense’s Baghouse Control Systems (B-PAC Controls) and IntelliPULSE timer.


  • Non-Clogging Design
  • Durable Ceramic Diaphragm
  • Tri-Clamp Mounting
  • 2-Wire Loop Power


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