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B-PAC ControlsBaghouse Performance Analyzer and Controller

B-PAC™ Controls are turn-key optimization and automation solutions for pulse-jet fabric filters. FilterSense pioneered and leads the industry with field proven technologies that improve filtration efficiency, lower energy use, reduce maintenance and prevent downtime. B-PACs typically provide a 1 year return on investment.

B-PACs are DSP based, purpose built controllers that tightly integrate control, sensing and high speed digital signal analysis to deliver reliable diagnostics including: the ability to detect/locate leaks weeks before emissions are visible; the ability to detect/locate failed solenoids that can lead to plugged filters; and the ability to instantly detect/locate ruptured or frozen pulse-jet diaphragms where one undetected rupture can cost $1K of compressed air in one week.

The controller architecture and 10 years of field refinement provide performance that cannot be matched by PLC logic controllers. A range of fieldbus options are available to communicate and network with plant PLCs and DCS systems.

B-PACs provide advanced filter cleaning such as IntelliPULSE which extends filter life and lowers emissions while reducing compressed air use by 15-40% over traditional PLC programming and up to 90% over continuous cleaning.

With integrated particulate sensors B-PACs are a superior compliance solution for EPA regulations. Optional FilterWare software provides further automation of EPA record keeping as well as maintenance planning and process control. A series of models for small cartridge collectors to large multicompartment baghouses is available. B-PACs are easy-to-use, high quality, heavy duty products designed for long-life in harsh process environments.


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