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Foundry Industry

FilterSense’s robust and easy-to-use instruments, control systems, and software are all ideally suited for the foundry industry. From the furnace to the finished casting process, FilterSense provides field-proven solutions to help ensure that U.S. foundries are fully compliant with the EPA Iron and Steel Foundry MACT regulations. FilterSense particulate monitors with automatic self checks and FilterWare software provide a turnkey solution compliant to CFR 40 for required data logging and record keeping of fabric filter leaks and corrective action. B-PAC Control solutions are applied to baghouses to lower maintenance and energy costs while enabling plant personnel to focus on core foundry operations.

Experienced sales, engineering, and systems integration personnel not only provide expert EPA MACT and other regulatory consultation, but can consult on overall process filtration needs. In conjunction with leading filtration industry partners, FilterSense can specify and manage the delivery of tailored solutions to maximize process efficiencies, minimize emissions, and reduce operating costs.

As the original pioneer in the field of advanced baghouse control and optimization and as inventors of induction sensing, FilterSense has the proven experience to assist with a range of foundry filtration needs.

Please contact us to discuss the specifics or your application.