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Power Industry

Some of FilterSense’s first customers were in the coal-fired power industry. The application was monitoring particulate in ash handling systems.

In the early 1990s, the fly ash conveying industry was seeking a reliable method to monitor baghouses that were protecting expensive vacuum pumps drawing ash from the main process fabric filter or electrostatic precipitator (ESP). Opacity monitors were originally applied. But due to the relatively high levels of ash, the lenses would immediately cover over making the monitors useless. Traditional triboelectric particulate monitors that came on the market in the 1980s claimed to be reliable. But the triboelectric probes were just as unreliable as the opacity monitors. The triboelectric probe would short out in the presence of the conductive fly ash powder. The manufacturers of triboelectric probes even tried a compressed air purge to prevent probe shorting. The air purge made reliability worse by causing condensation as the compressed air expanded and cooled the air over the probe. This caused more particles to stick and it also increased corrosion and moisture accumulation.

In 1994, FilterSense delivered a solution to the ash conveying industry OEMs – particulate monitors employing induction and protected probe technologies. With FilterSense’s invention there were no probe shorting problems at all. Subsequently the ash conveying industry has essentially standardized on FilterSense’s induction-principle and fully protected probe technology as the most reliable method to monitor fly ash from coal power plant dust collection systems.

Today FilterSense is a leading supplier of fabric filter control, leak locating, optimization and management systems for boiler baghouses in coal and trash burning power plants. As the original pioneer in real time fabric filter diagnostics and optimization, FilterSense has the proven products and experience to help the power industry meet the challenges of particulate emissions control and fabric filter maintenance management.

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