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Cement Industry

FilterSense provides a range of products and services for the Cement industry, including solutions for Portland cement MACT compliance and cement kilns burning hazardous waste. FilterSense baghouse controls and IntelliPULSE filter cleaning technology are applied to fabric filters of all sizes from small pulse jet collectors to large multi-compartment systems cleaning kiln gas. Multi-compartment Fabric Filter Optimization and Management Systems are designed for controlling and managing large scale particulate filtration processes.

For stack particulate emissions, filter leak detection, and powder flow, FilterSense induction-based particulate monitors have been the technology of choice in the cement industry since 1994. For the ASTM standard on particulate monitors and bag leak detectors, our automatic self checking particulate monitors are available. Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are monitored with FilterSense’s optical scintillation technology.

FilterSense has developed a reputation as a premier partner to the cement industry’s particulate filtration, cement powder recovery, and dust collection needs. FilterSense has the product knowledge and experience to meet emissions control, maintenance reduction, and process optimization needs.

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