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Carbon Black Industry

The development of FilterSense’s unique and field proven particulate sensing technology has its origins in the carbon black industry of the 1990’s. The very first field trial of FilterSense’s induction particulate sensing method was in the outlet of a baghouse on a carbon black processing plant.

While carbon black remains a challenging application due to the tenacious adherence and highly conductive nature of the material, FilterSense particulate monitors have proven to be the most reliable technology available for carbon black applications, including paint/pigment, reinforcement, tire, absorbent, and printer toner applications.

Today FilterSense is addressing the overall process filtration needs at carbon black facilities with B-PAC Control systems and FilterWare software. An experienced engineering support team not only provides expert regulatory compliance consultation, but will analyze the overall process and recommend solutions to maximize filtration efficiencies, minimize emissions, and reduce operating costs.

Please contact us to discuss the specifics or your application.