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Quality (ISO 9001:2000 Certified)

FilterSense is improving process filtration through innovation, quality products and professional services. Products are engineered and manufactured with the belief that exceptional quality can only be achieved with an unflagging attention to detail. When you purchase from FilterSense, you are buying a product that is engineered to perform, built to last, and designed to provide a return on investment.


Because FilterSense products operate in harsh industrial environments, extra steps are taken to ensure reliability and durability. All critical circuit boards are conformally coated for protection against exposure to dust, moisture, and corrosive gases. During manufacturing, circuit boards are tested for up to 100 hours including thermal shock and humidity testing.

Inputs, outputs, power supplies, and signal processing circuits are isolated for protection against EMI and RFI. In addition to conformal coating and isolation circuits, circuit boards are mechanically protected with metal shields. Final electronic modules are then mounted in heavy-duty metal enclosures. While these additional measures may add cost, they provide the robustness necessary for long-term operation in industrial facilities providing a lower total cost of ownership over the long term.


FilterSense sensors are of the highest quality. Many are designed with remote electronics that enhance signal-to-noise ratios and facilitates easier installation and service when mounted in the hard to access locations typical of process filtration systems. Sensors are constructed with heavy-duty materials with corrosion resistance matched to the application needs. Particulate and pressure sensors are available with intrinsic safety approvals. FilterSense develops specialized test chambers for temperature and pressure testing as well as other performance measurements.


Whether you purchase a production product or contract us for engineering services, FilterSense provides comprehensive documentation. Please contact us for a sample manual or project documentation set.

Total Cost of Ownership

In today’s processing and manufacturing facilities, efficiency and performance are required and downtime must be prevented. While some FilterSense products may have a higher initial purchase price, the company's approach to quality is based on quickly improving plant performance and providing a true return on investment.

Product Approvals

Most products are CE and CSA approved for ordinary locations to both U.S./UL and Canadian standards. For industrial hazardous areas, many products are offered with Class I or II approvals by CSA. Particulate sensors are available with CSA approval to all classes and groups including Class I Division I.  ATEX and other foreign body hazardous area approvals are pending. Control panels can be manufactured with UL, CE, CSA, and other agency approvals.

Third-Party Products

When FilterSense employs the use of third-party products in larger plant-wide systems, only high-quality vendors and products are used. FilterSense is a leading OEM of Wonderware and Allen-Bradley products. FilterSense also has extensive experience with GE, Siemens, and Modicon automation products.